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Return Policy

We do thorough internal inspections and independent external inspection but in spite of the inspections that are carried out on the productsin occasions, it is possible that some item can arrive with some damage. In that case it is very important to follow each of the steps specified below so that we can ensure that the resolution of the incident is in the shortest possible time and in the most satisfactory way for our clients.

Ceratropic takes seriously the  devolutions and have a clear policy and an exhaustive follow-up of each case.

After a clear report with photos of the problem we will make sure you receive the spare parts or the item as soon as possible.

The reports must include the following sections:

  • Company name and contact information (at least email)
  • Order and Product code.
  • Description of the problem.
  • Clear photos of the item to clarify the problem and to improve in next orders.


Notice that we can help you with problems caused during transportation but till a certain limit and amount. If you need better packing, we can discuss it.

Processing time will depend on the size, next shipping and production time but we will send the tracking data the soonest.

Additionally we encourage to do the Eu test reports, specially for chairs in Spain, to avoid problems both with the customs and with possible accidents that questions the stability or strength of the furniture.